Great Teaching Strand

What makes great teaching, and what does it look like in the classroom? Come find out! All sessions that form part of the strand are linked to the research evidenceย on the things that teachers know and do that have the biggest impact on learning. This stand is curated in partnership with Evidence Based Education.

Great Teaching: naming it, seeing it, and getting more of it

In this session, Stuart will share insights into The Great Teaching Toolkit project that he and colleagues at EBE have been working on for the past five years. He will talk about the power of schools using a common language of pedagogy, as well as the ‘lightbulb’ moments generated by granular, personalised feedback on a teacher’s practice. He’ll also highlight the huge potential of structured collaboration within schools, and across networks of schools. Finally, Stuart will show those attending how they can access the Toolkit for free to receive confidential, personalised feedback on their teaching.

Stuart Kime

Director of Education, Evidence Based Education

Dr Hannah Bickerdike

Head of GTT Experience, Evidence Based Education

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

(Why) Should every classroom be a TOK classroom?

The session will be an exploration of how ideas from TOK (Theory of Knowledge) can help all teachers, not just IBDP/post-16 teachers, work with their students to think about the nature of knowledge in different subjects. The session will include opportunities to think about and discuss a variety of Knowledge Questions.

This links to current educational dialogue about the needs for โ€œknowledge-richโ€ curricula, โ€œpowerful knowledgeโ€ and โ€œthe knowledge of the powerfulโ€ and wider discussions of the need for metacognition and critical thinking โ€“ TOK is all about both thinking about our thinking and thinking about how we know what we know.

Roo Stenning

Head of High School, St Andrews International School, Bangkok

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Unlocking the Power of Professional Development in International Schools

Learn how to bridge the gap between research and practice in Professional Development (PD). Drawing on the Education Endowment Foundation’s evidence-based recommendations, this workshop will not only provide actionable strategies for designing and selecting effective PD programmes but will also delve into the unique challenges faced by international schools, such as high rates of teaching and leadership turnover.

What Will Attendees Learn?
1. Mechanisms of Effective PD: Gain an understanding of the evidence-based mechanisms that make professional development effective. This will be tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities present in international schools.
2. Sustainable PD in International Schools: Sustainability in PD is often overlooked. Learn why it’s crucial and acquire actionable strategies to ensure its longevity, especially in the context of international schools where teacher and leadership turnover is high.
3. Interactive Scorecard: Attendees will receive a free scorecard for evaluating their current professional development offerings. This includes an interactive scorecard that can be immediately implemented to assess and improve PD in your school.

By the end of this session, participants will have gained a nuanced understanding of how to elevate PD in international schools, ensuring it is not just effective but also responsive to the specific challenges of your international settings.

Shane Leaning

Organisational Development Coach for International Schools,

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Questioning: The importance of Whole-Class Response

This session will provide an outline of the evidence behind the centrality of questioning to effective teaching and the different purposes of questioning. In particular, Eoinโ€™s session will focus on ways of moving students from surface-level to deeper thinking through the use of questioning.
The importance of questioning in activating hard thinking will be highlighted, and the role of different formats and techniques โ€“ such as MCQs, mini whiteboards, choral response, cold calling, and A-B-C-D cards โ€“ will be discussed alongside concrete examples from Eoinโ€™s practice.

Eoin MacCarthaigh

Head of English St. Andrews International School, Bangkok

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Empowering Teachers through Evidence Based Education

This session will explore the big picture strategic moves we have made as a school over the last 2 years to lean into Evidence Based Education. We have used the tools of the Great Teaching Toolkit, Instructional Coaching and re-imagined our approach to Performance Management, handing back the reigns to our Teachers and Leaders. Through these strategies we have focused on autonomy, mastery and purpose for better student outcomes and staff experience.

Luke Jones

Assistant Principal Secondary Curriculum, Assessment and Learning, Bangkok Patana School Thailand

Cindy Adair

Assistant Principal Professional Learning and DEIJ Lead, Bangkok Patana School Thailand

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.