Early Years Maths

Sign up for an engaging Maths Workshop tailored specifically for Early Years educators. Discover innovative teaching strategies to nurture mathematical development in young learners without the need for counting. In this interactive session, you will learn effective techniques, best use of resources, and activities that foster numeracy skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in preschool and kindergarten aged children, with a special focus on subitising. Explore hands-on approaches to make math fun and accessible, promoting a strong foundation for future learning. Move away from rote-learning and enhance your teaching toolkit and empower young minds with a love for mathematics.

Debbie Fineberg

Maths co-ordinator and Head of Reception, Rugby School, Thailand

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

The importance of embedding real life skills from a young age.

In this presentation, we will being discussing the development of age-appropriate learner profiles, thoughtfully created by teachers and catering to the needs of diverse student demographics, starting from as young as 2 years old. The importance of learner profiles being designed to make real-life skills relatable regardless of the student’s age, and being aligned with school’s philosophies, as well as exploring practical ways of incorporating these learner profile characters into daily lessons will be included in the presentation.

Kirsty Burkhill

Deputy Head Academic, Rugby School Thailand

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Word Wizards: Aiding and Inspiring Young Learners Through Vocabulary Enrichment

This session, inspired by the book “Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction,” addresses the imperative role vocabulary plays in language development. It will discuss how to bridge language gaps by improving reading and language comprehension through science-based research. Discover inventive methodologies and counterproductive pitfalls and become empowered to use strategies to invigorate vocabulary acquisition. From practical in-class techniques to creating reading-friendly environments, this session fuels a passion for language exploration. Attendees gain inspiration to transform classrooms into thriving linguistic hubs, fostering articulate, confident, and linguistically adept individuals.

Shelbi Wiken

EAL Specialist, American School of Bangkok Green Valley

Adam Potter

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher, American School of Bangkok Green Valley

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Embedding STEAM & Sustainability into the curriculum, through the use of project based learning

The session will look at Project Based learning principles and how we at St Andrews International school have embedded real life STEAM & Sustainability projects in our curriculum. We will take a deep dive into some of the projects that we have run:

• Artificial reef project, Year 9 – A real life project where we work alongside AOW THAI MARINE ECOLOGY CENTER (ATMEC) to learn about the importance of coral and issues coral faces in thailand, students design and make artificial reefs with support from ATMEC, then our trained student divers help place them with support ATMEC researchers, students present ideas at EXPO and raise awareness within our school community.
• Group 4 Science Project, Year 13 – “What extent can we understand the impact of our school’s physical and natural environment on our school community?”” In their quest for answers, our students used a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from various scientific fields. The event launched with a presentation by the head of school, who discussed the developments of the primary campus green spaces and the re-installation of waterways and wildlife. This provided context for the students, who were then tasked with assessing past developments, evaluating their effectiveness, and proposing solutions to create a school environment that promotes the well-being of all. The Expo provided a platform for them to showcase their research findings and innovative proposals to their teachers and Year 12 students, who reviewed and will continue this project next year.
• 3 Day MIT challenge, Years 7 & 8 – A 3 day event where students will be off timetable taking on the Better Build challenge. They will have both external speakers and internal subject specialists delivering content on plant life cycles, epigenetics, plants and environmental stressors specific to Thailand. The event will conclude with an expo that will be open to our STA community.

Through this session I will discuss the success and failures I have had and how we have embedded the MIT approach.

Holly Sheppard

STEAM and Sustainability Lead High School, St Andrews International School

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

How to improve creative writing by using sentence models

As a teacher, have you ever read an incoherent sentence and asked the pupil what they were trying to say, only to get the response,’I don’t know’? Join Chris Youles, the author of Sentence Models for Creative Writing (John Catt Ed), to look at practical advice on effectively teaching different aspects of story writing. Chris will demonstrate using sentences as creative writing exercises, inspiration for your exemplary text, or ideas for writing lessons.

Chris Youles

Teacher & Author, Taipei European School

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.

Theory of Knowledge: the primary vehicle to successfully deliver the main aims of the IBDP

While the IB’s Theory of Knowledge course sits at the very heart of the IB Diploma, how it is brings IB Core aims to life may not be clear. In this talk John will simplify the IB Core aims and then explore how the driving TOK concept of “knowledge communities” can enable any IB teacher to bring the Core aims to life.

John Sprague

TOK Coordinator, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Session location and time will be published via the Festival App in late September.